Freezing Outside???

Try This Inside…


Shaving cream is always a classroom favorite.  Great for letters, numbers, shapes, sight words…you name it!  Best of all it’s easy to clean up and as long as it’s used on the right type of surface.  It actually cleans off and freshens up the table rather than messing it up.  You can always refer to it as ‘snow’ making your kids earn more ‘snowflakes’ when they complete the task at hand.  Great way to make learning fun and rewarding.

Don’t put the shaving cream away yet…

Something to do to rev up the engines while waiting for the snow pants to dry.



Vacation Fun

For Day Trips

Fun day trips have even more value when you add an educational twist to them. Here are a few ways to bring some classroom elements with you:

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For Down Time

Need some ways to help your kids stay motivated and enjoy reading while they are not in school? Here are some ideas…

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For Beach Trips

On hot days, trips to the beach are always a must. Here are some ways to bring the beach home with you to create some fun and easy learning experience.


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Watch out for Jaws though

Word Chomp Lesson Plan